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Every visitor to Kadamakkudy Islands has the responsibility to protect the environment and to follow the safety norms - learn more

Things to do at Kadamakkudy

  1. Nature walks & photography

  2. Bird watching & Bird photography

  3. Boating through the backwaters

  4. Cycling tours

  5. Kayaking

  6. Enjoy the local Cuisine

  7. Drink toddy

  8. Watch the glorious sunrises and sunsets

  9. Mingle with the local people and events

  10. Volunteer to clean up Kadamakkudy

The 14 Islands of Kadamakkudy

  1. Valiya Kadamakkudy

  2. Mrikkal

  3. Paliamthuruth

  4. Pizhala

  5. Cheriyakadamakkudy

  6. Pulikkapuram

  7. Moolambilly

  8. Puthusserry

  9. Chariyamthuruth

  10. Chennur

  11. Kothad

  12. Korambadam

  13. Kandanad

  14. Karikkad thuruth

Welcome to Kadamakkudy Islands. I am regular visitor and blogger of Kadamakkudy Islands. Now, I am adding purpose to my pleasure trips to Kadamakkudy, by way of compiling Kadamakkudy Guide. For this, I am exploring all the fourteen islands that constitute Kadamakkudy Islands on a cycle. I chose cycling for reasons like flexibility, fitness and finance. Cycling gives the flexibility to stop anywhere, anytime to photograph, to mingle with the local people. It helps me to maintain my fitness level, and is light on my pocket. Hope to capture interesting and useful information for the visitors of Kadamakkudy Islands. You are welcome to contact me any time. Abrachan Pudusserry (Aby) Phone / Whatsapp - 9895372115. Have a wonderfiul day!