How to reach Kadamakkudy?

The best route to Kadamakkudy Islands

The biggest Island among the 14 islands of Kadamakkudy is the Valya Kadamakkudy. The Kadamakkudy road cuts across the hearland of Kadamakkudy. Parking slots are available. On weekends at peak hours (evening 5 pm onwards) there could be rush, otherwise it is not crowded. When you come from Ernakulam side, immediately after the Varappuzha bridge, take the road to left, which leads to Varappuzha market. This is the best route to Kadamakkudy. Many get misguided by taking the left from the container road to Pizhala or Kothad. There, the roads are very narrow and congested, and it is very difficult to proceed with four wheelers. Always take the varappuzha bridge, and then turn the first left immediately after the bridge.

There are buses to Kadamakkudy from the Vytilla hub as well. They will take you through the same route I have provided.

The water metro stations are under construction. There is one getting constructed at the end of Valiya Kadamakkudy. Once the kochi water metro becomes operational, that will become the easiest mode of transportation to Kadamakkudy Islands.

How to reach Kadamakkudy?

This is the best route as of today. There are shorter routes, but the roads are either very narrow or broken

  1. When you come from Kochi side, cross the Varappuzha bridge

  2. Take the first left at the SNDP junction towards the Varappuzha market

  3. Go straight, till you reach a 'T' junction (Varappuzha market entrance), there take left turn

  4. Go straight for a kilometer till you see the Varappuzha police station on the right side.

  5. After the police station, take the first right turn (tiled road)

  6. Go straight till yoo reach another 'T' junction (You can see a Church)

  7. Get to the back of the church by taking a left and then a right (ask someone for the kadamakkudy road)

  8. Get into the Kadamakkudy road

  9. Go straight ... and you are in the valiya kadamakkudy

  10. Do whatever you want. Here is the list