Responsible tourism at Kadamakkudy

  1. Respect the locals. You are on a holiday, whereas for them it is another working day. Do not disrupt their work unnecessarily. Before photographing them, ask for permission. They are not objects, they are human.

  2. Do not litter. Let us maintain Kadamakkudy Islands as a plastic free zone. Use the dustbins.

  3. Do not throw anything into the backwaters, especially bottles and other waste. During the harvest time, the harvesters walk barefoot in these backwaters. The broken pieces of glass and plastic is dangerous to them and to the flora and fauna.

  4. Reduce noise.Kadamakkudy Islands is the habitat for many migratory and local birds. Now their numbers are reducing as Kadamakkudy is fast becoming a tourist hub. Do not make too much noise as it will scare away the birds. The migratory birds visit Kadamakkudy during their breeding season. If they do not have the secured feeling, they will not stay back. Reduce noise as much as possible.

  5. Ride your vehicles at slow speed, to avoid accidents to self and others, and to reduce noise pollution.

  6. Wear helmets - Do not ride without helmets - As mentioned already the road accidents are increasing in this region. Pease wear helmets and drive / ride at lower than 40km/hour speed as the roads are very narrow.

  7. Give way - Give way for vehicles coming in the opposite side

  8. Safety jackets - Do not get into watersports without safety jackets and trained guides. In some places, the depth is very high and there are under water currents.

  9. Say no to drugs. Like every other tourist destination, Kadamakkudy also has the presence of drug peddlers' and abusers. Stay clean.

  10. No Smoking - Do not smoke in public places

  11. Do not honk horns - It adds to the noise pollution of the region