Bird watching

According to Cornell lab of Ornithology, 212 species of birds are spotted in Kadamakkudy. This includes the local birds and the migratory birds. Personally, I could photograph around 14 species out of this 212 spotted at Kadamakkudy. Bird watching , Bird Photography and Nature walks can be combined at Kadamakkudy Islands. For bird watching and bird photography, one need to have interest in birds. It takes lot of patience to wait for the appropriate moment for capturing good photographs. Absolute silence is a must. Ability to wait is a must. Carrying a zoom lens is better. Hence go with a likeminded group of people who are willng to wait quietly and patiently till the right moment arrives. Please do not forget to keep your mobile phones in silent mode. Nature walks does not demand that kind of silence. But, if we make lot of noise, then we will fail to hear the nature.

List of birds spotted by me at Kadamakkudy Islands

  1. White throat Kingfisher

  2. Common Kingfisher

  3. Egret

  4. Parrot

  5. Whistling duck

  6. Cormorent

  7. Grey heron

  8. Swamp hen

  9. Brahmini kite

  10. Brown kite

  11. Magpie robin

  12. Myna

  13. Spotted redshank (Tringa erithropus)

  14. Black necked stork