Kadamakkudy food

The Kadamakkudy Cusine is purely non vegetarian and is more similar to the central kerala cuisine. The spread comprises of Duck curry, Potti curry, Beef curry, Fish curry, Fish fry (Pearlspot / Karimeen), Crab (Njandu) roast, Kozhuva peera vattichathu, Kozhuva varuthathu, Prawns(Chemmeen) masala roast (ularthiyathu) with coconut, Kakka fry etc. Of these my fvourites are Prawns masala roast, Kakka fry, Kozhuva peera vattichathu. My brother likes the duck curry the most. My daughter loves the Karimeen fry, Karimeen pollichathu and the Kerala fish curry. These are all consumed with rice.

The main market here is the Varappuzha market, known for it's fresh fish, sourced from Kadamakkudy. The fish which grows in it's natural habitat tastes better than the ones bred in farms, hence fish from Kadamakkudy backwaters are always in demand, and they are available in the Varappuzha market. That does not mean that all the fish available from Varappuzha market are from Kadamakkudy. They do sell fish sourced from other remote places for cost advantage. If your objective is to buy Kadamakkudy fish and take home cook, then always look for fresh fish (pedakkana meen). The speciality of Kadamakkudy are it's Pearlspot (Karimeen), Crabs & Kakka.

Where to eat Kadamakkudy food?

Kadamakkudy is just emerging as a major tourist spot. At this point, I do not know any clean hotel within Kadamakkudy Islands to recommend to you. Many people rely on the Kadamakkudy toddy shop for local food. They do not sell food alone. One must buy toddy as well. See it is like this. First they serve you spicy hot food. Then to quench the spicy hot taste, you will drink toddy. You will drink more toddy, if the food is more spicy. Thats why the name 'Shappile food or curry' is becoming popular.

Kaanthaari Shappu Curry

Recently I interviewed Chandrika (hope I got her name correctly). She runs a small eatery (thattukada) in the main kadamakkudy road. There you have to sit in the outdoors, next to the backwaters and have food. She also serves Karimeen fry, Prawns masala, Kakka fry, Crab masala etc. You can even call her and book your food in advance. Her phone number is spelt out very clearly in the video.

Her shop is open from 9 am to 9 pm. I did not try the food there, hence unable to comment on it as of now. Will update the details as soon as I try. If you happen to try 'Kaanthaari shappu curry' food before me, please share your views..

Periyar restaurant

Periyar restaurant is not within the Kadamakkudy Islands. This is very close to the Varappuzha bridge. They source all their fish from the Varappuzha market who gets it from fishermen from Kadamakkudy. They have two outlets on the main Varappuzha bridge road. I prefer the one within Blue bazaar. The food is excellent. Here is a snapshot

Will keep on adding more details as I experience them.