Nature walks & photography

Walk into the paddy fields and fish farms. After some distance, you will reach zero noise zones, where you will hear only the sound of the wind and chirping of the birds. You will able to listen to these, only if you do not speak and make noise yourself. There is a saying 'Do not go to a jungle with a talkative person'. Then the whole purpose of going to the jungle is lost. That is very true about Kadamakkudy Islands as well. If you want to enjoy the true natural beauty of Kadamakkudy and relax, one must be in a semi meditative mode, willing to listen to the silence than to make noise.

Surprisingly many of the entrances to paddy fields are temporarily closed these days. The primary reason for this is littering waste into the paddy and fish farms. If the proper hygiene is not maintained, fishes die making heavy losses to the farmers. A couple of years back, prawns had a virus attack, leading to heavy losses. Hence I request you to be a very responsible visitor to Kadamakkusy.

If you do not want to venture out into the fields, another preferred approach is to sit on the sides of the main road itself, facing the backwaters. The nature is at it's best here during dawns and dusks. That is before 7 am and after 5.30 pm.

Travel tips

  • Wear natural coloured clothes which will not distract the birds

  • Wide angle lenses will help. The photos below are captured using mobile phone cameras

  • Wear a cap, if you are doing yor nature walks later than 8 pm and before 5.30 pm

  • Carry drinking water

  • If you are walking into the paddy fields or fish farms, in between there are wooden gates (Cheepu) for controlling water. They are very deep. You have to jump over them. One must be cautious while crossing them

  • Always have your mobile phone with you, so that you can contact someone if there is a need

  • Be a responsible and environment friendly traveller.

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